wilder Is Next!

This is boxing, so it's not signed, sealed, or delivered, and I need 50 words. But Lee said Fury was thinking about retirement. Now the quote from Lee is actually, "He likes the Dillian Whyte fight. He is enthused by that, that’s what he is talking about to me so I can see that being the next one."

2022 How To Settle For A Replacement Fighter

would u have called a very interesting little dust-up planned between Light-Heavyweight titlist Joe Smith, Jr. and veteran Callum Johnson, scheduled for ESPN this coming Saturday. So interesting, in fact, that I was legitimately considering predicting the 3-1 underdog Johnson could pull off the year's first

A long time Ago When We Were Young

I once interviewed Ron Harper but I lost the audio file and never wound up publishing anything about him. Ron Harper is approximately eleven feet tall and his hands are as long as my forearms. He has a stutter and this imperfection made me like him instantly.

New AI punch stats shows promise.

As linked on Reddit someone has been working on another compubox but with machine learning or ai. Some YouTube videos also... Interesting stuff and looks relatively accurate at first look..


Surprised this hasn't made the front page yet; anyway, the BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBofC has banned all Ghanian boxers from participating in sanctioned events because of "the actions of a top Ghana boxing official. According to these sources, this official took a Ghana boxer to the UK using the name of another Ghanaian boxer."

Vitali Klitschko: ‘We are encircled [in Kyiv]’ but full of fight

"Right now, the most important question is to defend our country," he added. Responding to a question about the city’s capacity to replenish dwindling stocks of food and medicine, Klitscho’s view darkened, however. "We are at the border of a humanitarian catastrophe," he said. "Right now, we have electricity, right now we have water and heating in our houses. But the infrastructure is destroyed to deliver the food and medication."

Fight Night might be coming back!

Rumor has it EA is reviving Fight Night! Hopefully will be able to play as Monster!

Rivas vs Rozicki: The Bridgerweight World Title fight

I didn’t even realise this fight happened.. but it was actually quite fun and competitive, if also a little sad. Anyway say hello to your new WBC WORLD BRIDGERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Heavyweight History with Emanuel Steward

Heavyweight History with Emanuel Steward (Boxing Documentary)

Tyson Fury Promises to Finish Wilder in Annihilating Fashion

Tyson Fury Promises to Finish Wilder in Annihilating Fashion | Inside Fury vs Wilder III - Part 3